We Share Recreational & Family Services: 

Is a nonprofit community resources organization that provides valuable networking, program resources and safety trainings to individuals and nonprofit organizations throughout the community. 

WE Share Resources nonprofit resource network

Our resource network is comprised of nonprofit organizations all over the US and serves as a valuable source of information to assist our members in expanding the world of possibilities for their programs.

Energy Kids

Energy is an essential part of our daily lives. Kids who play, run, jump and exort energy have stronger muscles and bones, perform better in school, and are usally healither.

Youth and Teens

This program offers youth and teens  a safe, and creative  place to get information about activities in the community where they can have fun! As well as information on health, growth, jobs, education, and emotions.                                             .                           

News and Events

Come join the fun! see whats happening in the community, and support your local nonprofit community orginizations.                    


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